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The dawn of a New Year and a wonderful White Buzzard

 2021 is now upon us all. Good riddance to 2020 which as been such a dreadful year for many. Whilst we are far from out of the woods yet we do have "hope" that things will start to get better and this year we will start our fight back against the Covid virus in earnest. In the natural world, in my opinion, nothing encapsulates the meaning of "hope" better than watching a sunrise. The rising sun stirs something primal I think in everyone and motivates the soul to feel better and the mind can't help but think of positive and hopeful thoughts. Dawn signifies the start of a New Day, to me it always gives me the feeling that I have a "clean slate", a new blank mental canvas to start my day, my mind has had a reboot and what I fill it with for the rest of the day will be new and exciting. Since the turn of the year, I have been keen to catch a sunrise. The weather was not good enough on New Years Day and in any case, I had a bit of a hangover from all the fe

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