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Limosa limosa

  I had a my best visit to Goldcliff Lagoons of the year so far a couple of days ago. Finally it had stopped raining, which was a most welcome change of events. The sun was shining the warmth that came with it was starting to dry the huge quantities of mud up. The reserve has been resembling a quagmire and it remains very boggy meaning wellies are an essential item of attire for any self respecting birdwatcher who desires dry feet. When you enter the reserve now you will be struck by the wonderful sounds of birds. Lapwings, Redshanks, Oystercatchers and Avocets have all started to pair up as its the breeding season. From the hedgerows and reeds an orchestra of bird song can be heard. Reed Warblers, Cettis, Blackcaps and ChiffChaffs blast out a medley of their  greatest  springtime hits.  The sounds are amazing and it is probably one of the best feelings you can have when walking into a nature reserve. It just kind of invites you in with an air of excitement. Looking out from the variou

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