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The storm brings the manximum number of birds

For the last three years I have been trying to get out on a boat off the Skomer coast to see Manx Shearwaters. Each year I have booked an "evening  seabird spectacular" with Dale Sailing. The trip is a 2 hour boat cruise on the iconic Dale Princess that departs from Martins Haven, Pembrokeshire. Unfortunately in previous years every trip has been cancelled due to extreme weather. Summer storms have caused havoc with my scheduling and caused huge disappointment.
I am not a person that gives up  easily though- neither are my birding pals Nicola Johns and Paul Joy.

Our 2019 birding trip to Pembrokshire had started badly. On Wednesday my car we had been travelling in decided to die on us after a breakfast stop - a suspected cam belt failure resulting in the RAC ( who were great) recovering us back to Gwent. Thankfully Nicola stepped up to the task and took over the driving duties and did us proud. She got us to Pembroke by the evening. Despite the set back the "three amigo…

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