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Thanks Godwits there are lots of birds at Goldcliff Lagoons

Autumn passage is now upon us and many migrating species of birds particularly waders have started putting in an appearance at Goldcliff Lagoons. This year the lockdown has significantly impacted my visits to this wonderful nature reserve and with work being busy has resulted in me only managing to find time for birding on the weekends.  It does at times get quite frustrating, especially when this week at least six Cattle Egrets were sighted at the lagoons by Goldcliff veteran Brian Thomas, something I really would have liked to have seen.
It's been great to read the reports on Gwent Birders Sightings Page and posts on the various social media of "Flossy" the Glossy Ibis being observed regularly at the lagoons. My friend Nev Davies was the first to catch a glimpse of it since the end of the five-mile lockdown in Wales and I hope he forgives me for doubting him a little as the Ibis really did keep its head down initially for a while before gradually returning to its usual …

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