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You looking at me punk

One of our commonest species of birds of prey to be seen in the United Kingdom is the Sparrowhawk ( Accipter Nisus). Accipter is latin for Hawk but Nisus I am not too sure of. It can be roughly translated as "effort" but when I did some research Nisus appears to be derived from Greek Mythology and Nisus was a King of ancient Megara and he was turned into a Sparrowhawk/Osprey/Sea Eagle after his daughter betrayed him to his enemy King Minos. Whether there is any truth in this who knows. If it had been down to me to name the species I would have chosen something like the "You looking at me punk" in Latin as the bird truly has one of the most fierce eyes out there!
On the odd rare occasion over last winter I had a juvenile Sparrowhawk visiting my garden. I named it Shadow as it was rarely seen and always appeared from nowhere out of the shadows. It had a habit of putting in an appearance when it was cloudy and wet. This meant I had to deal with poor light and had to ta…

Return to Goldcliff Lagoons

I have been yearning for the Welsh Government to end the five-mile "stay local" travel limit. Finally, on the weekend, they announced that the limit would be lifted from Monday the 6th of July 2020.  I did not particularly want to travel very far and had only one place in mind, beloved Goldcliff Lagoons.
Monday morning I had some family things to sort out but by the afternoon I was free to make my way to the reserve. 
The sun was shining and the wind was blowing as I entered the reserve. It was good to be back on my patch. The one species of birds I have missed watching over lockdown has been waders. I fell in love with them a few years back and I never tire of watching them.
I heard a commotion in the sky as I approached hide 1 and looked up to see the sky fill with a large flock of waders that were piping alarm calls right left and center before they disappeared from view. Rising up above the hide next was a Marsh Harrier looking very menacing and its swooped away across the …