Ringed Birds Observed at Goldcliff Lagoons

I have set this page up to act as a record archive of ringed birds observed at Goldcliff Lagoons. 


1.    Head-Started Bird from Slimbridge suspected to be 49.  19/09/20

2.    This shows the Slimbridge head-started bird and one of the 2015/16 Usk ringed birds, Black Orange Red (NOR), which I also saw on Bec Lagoon on 19.09.2020

3.    This shows the 2015/16 Usk ringed bird Black White Green (NWG)  19/09/20

4.    This shows Usk 2015/16 bird Black Blue Blue (NBB)  19/09/20

5.    Shows the Slimbridge head-started bird, and also Black Red Black (NRN) Observed 19/09/20

6.    Observed 18/09/20

7.    Observed 18/09/20

Black-Tailed Godwit

1.    EY76579 Ringed by Pete Potts in Hampshire  Last Observed  19/09/20
Brief History - 
Farlington Marshes LNR, Langstone Harbour, Portsmouth, Hampshire, S England

2.    Black Tailed Godwit observed 27/3/21 on Becs Lagoon at Goldcliff Lagoons.
        Left Leg. Red coloured upper ring and yellow/orange lower ring marked with an 8. Unable to see            the right leg. Reported to the ringers who confirmed it was rung in Iceland. Need the details of the 
        right leg to provide more information.


1.    Avocet H9 observed on Becs Lagoon at Goldcliff Lagoons on 2/4/21

Greylag Goose

1.    Greylag Goose observed on Priors Lagoon on 3/4/21 with ring Z4P. Bird was ringed on 28/06/2019 in Llanwern, Monmouthshire.


1. Dunlin Observed 14/08/21 on Priors Lagoon at Goldcliff Lagoons.

Left leg Orange and Right Leg Yellow ( may have some inscription).

This sighting has been reported and awaiting more details.


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