Ringed Birds Observed at Goldcliff Lagoons

I have set this page up to act as a record archive of ringed birds observed at Goldcliff Lagoons.


1.    Head-Started Bird from Slimbridge suspected to be 49.  19/09/20

2.    This shows the Slimbridge head-started bird and one of the 2015/16 Usk ringed birds, Black Orange Red (NOR), which I also saw on Bec Lagoon on 19.09.2020

3.    This shows the 2015/16 Usk ringed bird Black White Green (NWG)  19/09/20

4.    This shows Usk 2015/16 bird Black Blue Blue (NBB)  19/09/20

5.    Shows the Slimbridge head-started bird, and also Black Red Black (NRN) Observed 19/09/20

6.    Observed 18/09/20

7.    Observed 18/09/20

Black-Tailed Godwit

1.    EY76579 Ringed by Pete Potts in Hampshire  Last Observed  19/09/20
Brief History - 
Farlington Marshes LNR, Langstone Harbour, Portsmouth, Hampshire, S England


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