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 Hello to all my readers,

Google recently introduced some changes that have resulted in the support for email subscription mailing lists provided via its Feedburner platform being withdrawn from 1/7/2021.

The impact of this would be that the loyal readers that have signed up to get email messages containing my latest blog post would not receive them.

I have been searching for an alternative service for a while as a number of you have asked whether I will be able to sort something out as you would miss those emails.

After doing some research I found  Follow.It provides a service that bloggers can use on their websites to enable people to follow their blogs. Followers can sign up and receive email alerts and RSS feeds. From what I have seen so far it appears to be far superior to Feedburner and it allows people to customize what types of email feeds they receive.

Check it out below concerning my blog -

I had some issues troubleshooting the setting up process and took advantage of their customer support. I sent an email off to them for help and had a response very quickly within an hour. Since then after a series of emails back and forth they have helped me migrate my subscriber list across and also identified that spammers had placed several email addresses into my Feedburner list.

I must admit I am very impressed with the customer support and the help I got was most unexpected and helpful for a free service.

I have now updated my blog and placed a new subscriber widget on it - marked in the red box below on the side menu.

The old subscriber button will remain until Google allows me to delete it after 1/7/2021.

If anyone wishes to subscribe and receive emails with the latest news concerning my blog please use the new widget. 

For those of you already subscribed, please don't be alarmed by the new format, please be rest assured you are not being spammed by Follow.IT or myself.


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