Boggy and Muddy at Goldcliff Lagoons


Yesterday was my first visit to the Goldcliff Lagoons reserve of 2023. It was great to be back on my favourite patch of the Newport Wetlands Reserve.

I have been going stir crazy for weeks because it has just not stopped raining. The reserve is very wet underfoot and extremely muddy in places. If you are visiting I consider a waterproof pair of boots or wellies essential.

The path leading to Hide 1

The muddy bog at the rear of Hide 2

The lagoons are all full to the brim. I think the reserve will need to retain plenty of water for the coming summer, as I very much predict - based on the crazy weather we have been experiencing for another hot summer and subsequent draught.

Monks Lagoon full to the brim

Priors Lagoon

Becs Lagoon (left) Priors Lagoon (right)

In terms of bird sightings my species count was a little thin on the ground.

Monks Lagoon had the majority of the birds. A flock of Lapwings were on the island but the rest of the birds consisted of Wigeon, Shoveler, Mallards, Teal and Shelduck. 

There was a dead swan on Monks Island. A big Raven was showing some interest in it but it was pecking on something else nearby on the ground. The swan is known about and has been reported to DEFRA and NRW.

Out on the foreshore from the sea wall the main sighting to report was a flock of Curlews.

The sea wall

I met up with a couple of my birding friends from Bristol and enjoyed a good chat.

On speaking to a few birders some reported that a Barn Owl and two Marsh Harriers had been seen in the morning.

There was a number of big flocks of Starlings flying around the levels. I saw a massive flock near the turn off for Nash on my way home. I saw a Kestrel close by and it cause the flock to do a mini murmuration.

Not much from me in terms of bird photos today, everything tended to be a bit distant.

Bird List

  1. Wigeon
  2. Shoveler
  3. Teal
  4. Mallard
  5. Gadwall
  6. Mute Swan
  7. Greylag Goose
  8. Canada Goose
  9. Starlings
  10. Stonechat
  11. Meadow Pipit
  12. Chaffinch
  13. Robin
  14. Blue Tit
  15. Great Tit
  16. Lapwing
  17. Curlew
  18. Magpie
  19. Raven
  20. Carrion Crow
  21. Wood Pigeon
  22. Blackbird
All sightings reported using the BTO Bird-track Application.


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