A Poem about Goldlciff Lagoons by Chat-GPT AI

 I have been experimenting with ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence.

Its absolutely incredible.

I asked it to write a poem about Goldcliff Lagoons and below is the result :

At the edge of the sea, where land meets the tide,

Lies a place of quiet and natural pride.

Goldcliff Lagoons, where the water and sky,

Blend together in a vast, tranquil sigh.

A haven for creatures, great and small,

A home for the feathered, waddling and tall.

Birds of every feather flock to this place,

Making nests in the reeds and flying with grace.

The lagoons ebb and flow with the tides,

Creating a landscape that constantly hides,

A world of secrets, both big and small,

A place where nature reigns supreme over all.

At dawn and dusk, the air comes alive,

With a chorus of sounds that surely survive,

The timeless beauty of nature's design,

A symphony of life, so pure and divine.

So come and explore this place of gold,

Where nature's beauty will forever unfold.

A hidden gem, for all to see,

The Goldcliff Lagoons, a true sanctuary.


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