Stacks of wild flowers


Thrift growing on the clifftops opposite the Elegug stack

This is the first of my blog posts concerning a weekend break in Pembrokeshire spent with my friend Paul Coombes. As a result of what we found during our explorations of the coastland , all my posts have a similar theme running through them. The theme is wild flowers. What struck me most throughout the weekend was how beautiful the many different species of flowers made the landscapes. I have not really explored the Pembrokeshire Coastland and islands such as Skomer during the month of May before, until this year so its been fantastic to see familiar places but this time, in all their spring glory.

We initially started our journey on the Stackpole estate and ventured into an area of woodland called Lodge Park. Paul and I were looking for Wild Ransom ( aka Wild Garlic) which apparently the place is known for some fantastic spreads of these wild flowers.

After awhile exploring the woods we eventually found the garlic - we could smell it first. Unfortunately the blooms had gone past their best but nevertheless was lovely to see.

Wild Ransom in Lodge Park, Stackpole Estate

Photographing Wild Ransom. The whole plant can be eaten and is really delicious in salads - Paul tried it and enjoyed the taste of it - all day afterwards ;)

Wild Ransom

After a wander around the woodland paths and glades of the Stackpole estate which is truly stunning we headed off closet to the coast to our next stop which was Stack Rocks via the Castle Martin Tank range.

I have been to Stack Rocks on numerous occasions and this location is really amazing. The Elegug stacks are covered in a huge colony of Guillemot's and Razorbills. You can smell and hear them long before you see them after leaving the nearby car park.

Guillemot's compete for the top spot.

The Elegug Stack

The clifftops were covered in a pink flower named Thrift. Sitting upon the edge of these sheer cliff faces watching and listening to the seabirds was an amazing experience.

There was so much for the eyes and brain to take in. A really fantastic vista for the eyes. Clear blue skies, a turquoise sea, grey cliffs stained with green algae and the yellows of lichens and then the clifftops covered in verdant green grass with a serious sprinkling of pink Thrift flowers. 

Thrift dominates the cliffs above one of the other stacks.

The Green Bridge

We walked as far as the Green Bridge and spotted a pair of Fulmars nesting on one of the cliffs.

A Fulmar soars the thermals

Fulmars greet each other

On our return journey to the carpark we spotted some Choughs. I never tire of seeing this species of Crows, I just love there acrobatic skills and that very distinctive call - "Chow Chow Chow"

A Chough swoops down.

As we were about to leave Paul spotted some orchids growing on the roadside verge next to the car park. We jumped out of the car and had to take some pictures of these wonderful flowers.

Early-Purple Orchid

Fragrant Orchid

Short-spurred fragrant Orchid

Early-purple orchid

After doing some research we suspect that there were several different species which is amazing considering it was just a small snapshot of the location.

It was time to move on and continue our weekend elsewhere. Next stop St Govans and that will be covered in another blog.


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