Cityscapes in Newport


The view looking up the River Usk, Newport towards George Street bridge and beyond.

I've been spending quite a lot of my spare time doing drone photography lately and trying to capture some unique views of various locations throughout my local area.

Drones enable photographs to be taken from incredible perspective. My first picture (above) was taken in Liswerry Newport. It was about thirty minutes after sunset when I put the drone up and I caught the last embers of the sun going down during the "blue hour".

I created some panoramic Cityscape pictures which I think have so much detail and depth. Please try and view them on a large screen if possible as the small mobile screens just do not do them justice.

Looking over Monkey Island and South towards the Transporter Bridge

Cityscape shot looking towards the city centre and George Street bridge.

During some scouting around Newport recently I found another location that afforded great views of the city but from a higher vantage point. 

I found a suitable flight location in the Beachwood Park area of Newport early in the morning before most people were even out of bed. The light was fantastic.

The Cityscape view across Newport from Beachwood Park area.

The view towards Caerleon.

The City of Newport

Not far away is St Julians Park, near Christchurch in Newport. This proved to be a great spot to get pictures of Caerleon from a distance.

St Julians Park


In Caerleon I found a quiet spot to put the drone up for some aerial pictures of the town.

Caerleon Town

In my last picture you can see the ancient remains of the Roman Amphitheatre

A view from a distance of the Roman Amphitheatre.


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