Wonderful weekend at the 51st WPF Convention.

I had a fantastic weekend attending the 51st Welsh Photographic Federation's Convention. I was really honoured to be invited to present as guest speaker and be able to talk about and exhibit my work in print which was an absolute first for me. A big thanks to David Jones and the WPF for inviting me along.

I stayed for the whole weekend and I was very fortunate I think to be able watch the other guest speakers. I must admit I was absolutely awed by the photographs and talents of Vanda Ravelska, Andrew McCarthy and Bill Ward. To be able to present on the same weekend as these amazing photographers made me feel very humbled and fortunate indeed.

Vandas work was utterly awe inspiring. I really do encourage my readers to take a look at Vandas website and incredible pictures. I loved her landscapes and attention to detail. A number of the reflection photographs had me entranced. Her presentation was very moving and engaging. She set a very high standard to follow by anyone, and those that followed her did not disappoint in the slightest - well mine were ok and I did get a few laughs ;)

Andrew McCarthy is a very respected nature photographer and ecologist. He did not disappoint the audience at all. His pictures of Bats in flight were mind blowing and overall this consistency across all types of wildlife was very inspiring. His website is certainly worth a visit. I think the bat pictures have been burnt into my retinas as they were a real marvel.

That was just the first day and I was starting to quake in my boots thinking that the following day I was going to be following such quality as that. In felt like a Sunday League footballer having turned up to play in the Premiership!

Sunday kicked off with proper show biz. The multi-talented actor/photographer Bill Ward gave a really interesting and thought provoking presentation. He specialises in photographs taken using a technique thats called Intentional Camera Movement ( ICM). This was news to me and his photos were both stunning and intriguing. It really made me think differently about what makes a good photograph and alternative ways of expressing feelings through pictures. His website can be found here.

By the afternoon my mind was reeling from all the amazing works of photographic art I had seen and unbelievable talent.

As I got up to present it was an absolute delight to see my photographs on display and I must give a big thanks of gratitude to Les Loosemore who made it all happen with my prints being mounted and displayed. It did bring a few tears to my eyes seeing them all on show for the first time.

Then I kicked off with my first presentation about landscapes and wildlife in Gwent. As many who know me, I love Goldcliff Lagoons with a passion and so did my best to showcase the reserve.

My second focused on drone photography and I presented a slideshow focussing on the Folly and Park in Pontypool which I hope showcased some of my work. 

I really hope I did Goldcliff and Pontypool justice and showed off my favourite places at their most photogenic best.

Many Thanks to the WPF for being such great hosts.


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