A fiery letterbox in the sky


I stood with a chilly breeze in my face in the darkness up the Blorenge. I was waiting for the sunrise. I had set my camera up on its tripod and my drone was read to take flight. The eastern horizon was a blaze of orange contained in a narrow band between  layer of dark cloud and a shadowy earth. It was like a fiery letterbox in the sky. Behind those clouds the sun was making its way up and illuminating that hidden world in a flaming orange.

As dawn neared the light shone out from behind that heavenly letterbox it caused the upper veil of clouds to glow a red colour.

That gap in the sky was getting narrower. More cloud was moving in. Would I get to see the sun? Thats the sort of thing I was asking myself.

I put the drone up. There was just enough light to get some sort of exposure.

Then the sun brightly appeared in that gap as if it was looking through the letterbox in the sky right at me. It burned fiercely in the semi-darkness and it reminded me of "The Eye of Sauron" from the Lord of the Rings.

The fire ball in the sky lasted briefly. It took not much longer than it takes for an eye to wink and then it started to rise up behind a wall of clouds. It fires were harder to contain behind the clouds and beams of light pierced the white veil and shone down over the landscape creating an amazing layered effect.

My Sigma 150-600mm c lens was used to take the two photograph's shown above. The lens is wonderful for landscape pictures.

I watched the sun rise further before it went off to hide behind thicker rain clouds and the rain started. Now it was time for me to head off and get some breakfast.


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