Checking in on the saplings at Goytre House Wood


 A majestic Beech Tree

Sunday was a rainy day but it not keep me indoors. I decided to make a visit to Goytre House Wood and check in on the tree saplings that had been planted there in November last year by Gwent Ornithological Society and volunteers. I published a post concerning the tree planting activities and it can be read here.

The newly planted saplings in November 2022

I really enjoyed that day and really felt that we were doing something worthwhile and I wanted to keep an eye on how things develop over the many years ahead.

After a year has passed the field where we planted the saplings looks quite different. From a distance you have to look really hard to see the saplings and their bamboo canes. A lot of undergrowth has sprouted up. I am not quite sure on the name of the plant that has spread amongst the saplings. I suspect as the grass field is no longer being mown then its allowing other plants to flourish. I expect the majority of the plants that have grown in-between the trees to die off with the first frosts of the winter.

The field where the saplings were planted in November 2023

I walked throughout the field and was pleased to find that the majority of the saplings that had been planted seem to be growing pretty well and had come into leaf, although they were all now on the turn as it was autumn. Some of the  spiral plastic guards however had some grass and other plants competing with the young trees.

Sapling competing with grass

Growing well

Its going to be interesting to see what the saplings will look like next year and I will be returning on a regular basis to check on them.

Elsewhere in the wood it was looking absolutely amazing. Goytre House Wood contains a number of big Beech Trees and at this time of the year they look absolutely stunning in their autumn colours. When I visited it was the weekend of leaf drop after the latest storm so their was a carpet of orange leaves throughout the wood and many trees had shed all of their leaves.

Deeper in the wood are some beautiful mature Beech Trees.

My stooge for the morning

Some of the Beech Trees however were are their peak will branches of fire coloured leaves. In a nearby field was a very cute little Shetland Pony who made a very photogenic subject.

Shetland Pony

Shetland Pony watches the photographer in the wood.


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