Three brave ladies , freezing waters and a sunset

My friend Paul Joy and I had decided to spend the last couple of hours of our trip to Porthcawl at Rest Bay. The tide was out and the sandy beach was wet with sea water left from the receded waters of the Bristol Channel. I went walkabout whilst Paul set up his tripod.

A bright fireball was burning low on the western horizon. Sunset was quickly approaching. The skies were streaked with clouds, some of which seemed to have gathered to shroud the sun and hide it but it burned defiantly, refused to be dimmed and lit the sky ablaze.

The beach was like a mirror to the heavens and the reflections were amazing. The cold winter air had a bite to it and the wind had whipped up causing my face to go numb.

Through watery eyes I noticed three ladies carrying deckchairs and wearing swimming costumes. They were laughing and giggling and making their way towards the cold waters of the sea. They must be mad I chuckled. I could not help myself and say hello. They greeted me with friendly smiles and assured me they were going for a swim. I asked if they would not mind me taking some pictures and they said they would not be offended and gave me the go-ahead.

They set up their deck chairs, left their towels and robes behind and strode off towards the waiting sun and the freezing waters of the sea.

They were brave to go for a dip in those cold waters but I am sure it was worth it for the exhilaration, the shock to the system of the cold that makes you feel alive and that vista they had in front of them - the burning flames of the sun were like the fiery breath of a welsh dragon as it roared to mark the end of the day.

The women lasted far longer than I think I could have ever had. They splashed , giggled and seemed to dance around in the waves until the sun went down and all that remained was a sky burning orange  from the last embers of the days sun.


  1. Lovely pics and atmospheric description.

    1. Thanks for reading Paul and the comments, much appreciated.


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