RSPB Garden Birdwatch

I've been taking part in the RSPB Garden Birdwatch this weekend.
Its been a cloudy wet day with out a break in the clouds.

My garden feeders were busiest at day break and then there has been a few bursts of visitors but not a great deal of activity.

Even though its been relatively quiet I did get graced with a variety of species ( the numbers shown are for the most number of that species seen at any one time today)-

  • Starling (10)
  • House Sparrows (7)
  • Blue Tit (3)
  • Great Tit (2)
  • Coal Tit (2)
  • Black Bird (2)
  • Wren (1)
  • Black Cap (1)
  • Magpie (1)
  • Robin (1)
No Long Tailed Tits or Goldfinches but most of my visitors were regulars.

The Wren has been making an appearance more frequently.


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