Spreading the love of Goldcliff Lagoons

I was honoured to be invited by Gwent Ornithological Society to be a guest talker at their meeting last night.

It's the first time I have actually delivered a presentation about birds and something that I am very passionate about that is not work-related. What a novel and good experience it was to be had.

I hope my passion for Goldcliff Lagoons and its wildlife came across and hopefully spread my love of the reserve to the audience.

On that note, I was made up by the turnout and it was great to see many of my good birding and photography friends attend to support me.

A big thanks to Gwent Ornithological Society for being great hosts and thanks to everyone who attended. 

My friend and fellow blogger Neville Davies took the pictures. A nice thought and thanks for sharing.

I look forward to seeing many of you again of course at Goldcliff Lagoons.


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