Bird of Prey

What a week of rain we have had. Its been horrendously wet, windy and dark. The bird feeders have been crazily busy throughout. Legions of Starlings and various tit species have been turning up making the most of the free food.

I only get the odd chance to keep an eye on the goings-on in my garden. I always scan it for something new.

Today I was making a coffee and something caught my eye on the lawn. On closer inspection, I could see that it was the juvenile Sparrowhawk again.

It had caught a bird and was busy plucking it and tearing strips of meat off it. The hawk was surrounded by a circle of small greyish and black feathers and at the center was the prey.

There were crows about and the Sparrowhawk was keeping a close eye on them.

Eventually, it got spooked by the attention of the crows and flew off with its lunch.

I have reviewed the pics and taken a look at the kill zone and I think that the unlucky prey bird was a Great Tit.


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