Charston Rock Lighthouse


Standing guard built on the Charston Rock in the Severn Estuary is a lighthouse. This pillar of white warns any ships of the large expanse of rock that lies beneath the murky waters of the estuary. The Charston Lighthouse lies about 300 meters from Blackrock. I don't think that its ever been manned and its functions are automated. A single light shines out from its top about every ten seconds or so. The light appears to be powered by a solar panel.

Charston Lighthouse stands as a solitary guardian to protect seafarers from the danger of the rocks.

The lighthouse stoically warns ship of the rocks its stands on and must take a battering from the elements and the second highest rise and fall of a tide in the world - some 15 meters!

The Severn Estuary has the second highest tidal range 15 meters ( 50 Feet) in the world.

During this photo session I was blessed with a zero wind and clear skies. Stretching out along the eastern horizon was a beautiful orange glow that warms my soul ( I've talked about this feeling I get in a previous post).

It was about ten minutes until sunrise and I had enough time for a short flight back to my launch spot and a battery swap out before dawn.

Then it was just a case of waiting for the inevitable - the sun always comes up ( well it does when the weather is good).

The sun then broke the eastern horizon rising up behind the first Severn Crossing Bridge. It was a fantastic sight to behold. The orange solar fireball rose into the sky turning the estuary into a world of contrasting oranges, blues and blacks. The dark waters of the Severn reflecting the suns lights like a black mirror.

Dawn breaks over the estuary and the sun shines on the lighthouse.

The rising sun rose higher and like a laser beam the rays shone across the expanse to hit the Charston Lighthouse.

I don't know when or who built the lighthouse but its really iconic landmark - a lone guardian that protects seafarers from danger.

I believe the "Engineer" at Blackrock and all the human endeavour  and brilliance it stands for would be proud of it.

A Robin photobombs ( or perfect timing) my Engineer Sculpture photograph at sunrise.


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