Pretty in Pink Pontypool Park


The Cherry Tree Avenue and the Bandstand

In the month of April Pontypool Parks Cherry Trees come into flower and the avenue near the band stand erupts into a riot of pink colours. Its like Pontypool's own version of the Japanese Cherry Blossom season. In Japanese the word "Sakura" which means "To bloom".

The anthesis (opening of the flowers) really is one of my personal highlights of spring and is a wonderful sight to behold on my local doorstep.

Pontypools Sakura

The Avenue has a mix of Pink and White flowers

I've been photographing the Cherry Trees for many years now. I prefer to get up early in the morning just after dawn and walk through the avenue of Pink. I have read that the Cherry Trees along the avenue were planted in 1952. Whoever decided to do this, must be commended, as it is one of the most beautiful locations in Torfaen during the spring time.

The Cherry Tree Avenue

From the ground the avenue looks incredible. I feel that this year despite the atrocious wet weather, that the trees have come into blossom slightly earlier than last year. Certainly this week the flowers have really exploded into colour as every day passes.

As time marches on through spring, the petals will fall and create a pink carpet, that looks like there has been a wedding and confetti thrown all over the ground.

From above it reminds me of a musical note.

The Ray Prosser Stand cam be seen at the top of the photo and rugby ground and then centre, the Band Stand and Cherry Tree Avenue. The Maze is bottom right.

From the air using my drone the avenue of Cherry Trees looking absolutely stunning. The band stands roof has pink and blue tiles that actually complement the colours of the blossom.

Pontypool Park really is Pretty in Pink.


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