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Forest Bathing in the Woods of Gwent

  A beautiful Bluebell Wood. This spring I have focused my photography on new areas beyond my usual haunt of Goldcliff Lagoons and have been exploring several wonderful local woods. Life for me is busy at the moment and at times the stresses and strains of life have left me in a real need of opportunities to get outdoors with nature. I am fortunate to have some great woods on my doorstep where I can spend some time "Forest Bathing" to detox and destress from all the hustle and bustle. Spring is one of the best times of the year to visit the woods of Gwent. The woods are full of life. It's like a botanic explosion has occurred with flora and fauna of all kinds coming into life and making an appearance. Walking through the woods is a real sensory experience. The eyes are dazzled with an array of different colours, lots of fresh greens, the whole spectrum of coloured flowers, Yellow celandine, the white of the Anemones, Pinks of the Red Campions, and more yellows from Wild D

Kingfishers taken weekend off but plenty to see.

Well I have invested some serious time in the hide this weekend.
Up before daybreak and enjoyed walking to my spot guided by the silvery colored water of the river to set up the hide in darkness, whilst listening to Tawny Owls calling to each other in the wood.

I am sure there is an Otter close by the hide , regularly splashing about but so far it has not made an appearance. Bats continue to be around as there continues to be quite a lot of insects in the sky's.

No Kingfishers again. I have also walked several miles around my patch and not even heard them. Water level was down today and I did get a Little Egret close to the hide.

Had a scout around and enjoyed watching Egrets from a distance and had a laugh at the Airbus sized Mute Swans flying around. They really do put a lot of effort in to just stay airborne - noisy as well, honking nearly every beat of their wings.

I think I saw some Redwings today. Not 100% confident. There are a lot of Mistle Thrushes around and they tend to perch up the tops of trees and are incredibly skittish.

Finished the morning bird watch following a Dipper that was foraging along the shady banks. Nothing particularly good picture wise but enjoyable all the same.


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