My first twitching experience - the Common Rock Thrush at Pwll Du.

Today was my first twitching experience and it all happened practically on my own doorstep. Gwent has had a super rare visitor for the last two weeks. A Common Rock Thrush ( Monticola saxatilis).

It seems that the consensus of opinion has concluded its juvenile male that has got well and truly lost on its migration to Africa. Some how it needs to find its way to the Sahara fly across it and winter in a nice hot location towards South Africa!

Some may think Pwll Du , Blaenavon must be giving it quite a shock but the bird lives in the summer in upland mountainous regions in Europe so it may be able to cope for a short time.

I hope it stocks up on some food and then when there is a break in the stormy weather it continues its journey to warmer Africa.

I have never seen so many birders today in Pwll ddu. I am normally used to just my own company and seeing the occasional person walking a dog. There was a small army of twitchers who had gathered from all four corners of the UK - unbelievable.


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