A Tor of the Marsh - Ham Wall Bird Watching Trip

I visited the Ham Wall RSPB Nature Reserve on Sunday with three of my birding friends.

What a great place. It is teaming with wildlife and the hides are fantastic.

The reserve is well known for two species in-particular  - Marsh Harriers and Starling murmurations ( It could be argued that there is a long list of other birds that could replace those two I chose).

The Marsh Harriers put on a terrific show and I was fortunate to have better light and more opportunity to get some photographs albeit at a distance of these amazing birds.

The reed beds are full of life and I heard the call of a  Cettis Warbler for the first time but could not get a photo.

My friend and I even glimpsed what we think is a Siberian Chiff Chaff.

The day finished with the Starlings putting on quite a performance. Despite deciding not to swirl around too much it was an amazing experience.


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