Another bird species to Cross off my list

Gwent has some amazing bird species. This year I have been very fortunate to experience seeing  what would be called in Twitching terms "lifer" species - firsts!

I attended a local forestry area with my fellow birder after a tip off that Crossbills were frequenting the location.

Well , after some searching around and waiting for the weather to perk up we got lucky and found a flock of 15 to 20. The Crossbills are furtive creatures and they have a habit of feeding and perching in the arboreal tree tops.

This means getting close to them is very difficult so requires use of large telescopic lenses on our cameras to get just a record photograph.

I was more than pleased just to just see them.

Whilst bird watching we also came across a Kestrel that was hovering away hunting before it settled in a tree at a distance.

I finished the day taking pictures of the Harvest Moon. What a fantastic sight.


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