A wintry morning at Goldcliff Lagoons

Kestrel (female)

I've not posted on my blog for a while about my visits to Goldcliff Lagoons so this is my first in a good while.

Its only a short one as this mornings as my stay at the reserve was quite brief due in part to it being very cold and quiet.

Yet again I ducked on the elusive Dartford Warbler. I am sire it was there somewhere hiding from deep in the bramble bushes near to the Marsh Platform or the Avocet Hide ( aka Seawall Hide).

The Black Redstart was also keeping its head down and there was no sign of it near the farm. The wind was bitterly cold and I expect many birds were keeping themselves warm hidden away somewhere.

At dawn the big flock of Lapwings ( 200c) were very unsettled, constantly taking to the air above Monks Lagoon. It was no surprise to see a Sparrowhawk swoop along the edge of the lagoon and later a female Marsh Harrier quartered the reserve.

At dawn a flock of Lapwings and Starlings took to the air.

Whilst sheltering in Hide 1 it was quite fun seeing what small birds would pop out on the fence line near the brambles. A Song Thrush and a Wren kept me company for a while and for a change it was nice to take some pictures of the more common birds that are often overlooked at Goldcliff Lagoons.

Song Thrush


The highlight of my visit was watching the female Kestrel that has been very confiding to visitors almost all year long.

She was hunting bear to the Redshank Platform , and the first two hides.  I concentrated on taking some short videos today of her perched up on the fence posts.

Bird List

  1. Marsh Harrier
  2. Sparrowhawk
  3. Kestrel ( female)
  4. Raven
  5. Lapwing
  6. Starlings
  7. Song Thrush
  8. Wren
  9. Dunnock
  10. Carrion Crow
  11. Magpie
  12. Stonechat
  13. Wigeon
  14. Gadwall
  15. Herring Gull
  16. Mallard
  17. Blackbird
  18. Black-Headed Gull
  19. Shelduck
  20. Canada Goose
  21. Greylag Goose
  22. Dove ( domesticated)
  23. Moorhen
  24. Meadow Pipit
  25. Wood Pigeon.
  26. Cormorant


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