A Trecco Bay Paradise



My friend Paul Joy and I were stood just above the rocks in the car park at Newton Point. Porthcawl looking out across the sea towards the Eastern Horizon. The skies were clear and streaked with orange heralding the arrival of dawn. It was freezing cold.  Paul Joy was wrapped up in multiple layers of fleeces. Incredibly he had managed to get my spare fleece on after he had a major senior moment earlier in the morning and had forgotten his coat. Apparently it was my fault for rushing him around when I picked him up but if you ask my opinion he was so excited on seeing the clear skies he had thrown his kit in my car and beckoned me to make great haste to Porthcawl just as if we had just robbed a bank.

Wrapped up warm

He ensured me he was nice and warm and wasn't going to turn into a block of ice. The tide was on the turn and steadily starting to creep up towards Trecco Bay. 

There were very few people out and about apart from a nice couple who came over to talk to us. I could not wait to put the drone up.

Looking across Trecco Bay

The caravan park was very quiet and from above Trecco Bay looked quiet serene in the semi darkness.

I always like to look behind myself when taking pictures around sunrise. The opposite side of the sky is often forgotten about but it can look amazing. On this occasion the clouds were being lit up a lovely pink colour.

Looking across Black Rocks form Newton Point

The eastern horizon now had a band of fiery orange streaking all across the sky. Paul and I waited with excitement. Tripods and cameras were at the ready. Drone was airborne.

Waiting for the sunrise

Dawn approaches

I flew the drone over Trecco Bay and the beach for a different perspective as dawn approached. I wanted to try and get close to the water and catch the sun rising with the waves coming in. When your flying drones its not always about flying high and trying to get the big panoramic (Although I did do that as well).

A Trecco Bay Paradise

I am quite pleased with the above picture and I would forgive anyone if they mistakingly  thought it had been taken in some kind of tropical paradise. 

Super-wide dronescape. View large.

Trecco Beach

As the sun got higher in the sky the light improved and I flew the drone over the sea. Watching the waves from above is truly mesmerising.

Waves from above.

My final flight of the morning involve a flight closer to Porthcawl. The light was now fantastic with the sunrise illuminating Porthcawl in great warm colours. I was able to get the drone into a position to take a picture with I think a very different perspective of the famous lighthouse ( my lead photograph in this blog).

The day was just starting for Paul Joy and me and  I think the below picture just sums up what a great day we had. 

Picture courtesy of Paul Joy.

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