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A new era dawns

A new era dawns. Today marked my first visit to Goldcliff Lagoons since the sad death of  Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday. She was a great and very respected monarch throughout the world.  Her passing marked the end of the modern Elizabethan era and the dawn of a new one. King Charles III has now ascended to the throne - "God save the King". The new era will be called the Carolean age under King Charles III. I thought his first speech was very touching and I believe he will be a great King like his mother. We also now have a new Prince of Wales with Prince William taking on his father's previous titles.  Every time I now take picture of the second Severn crossing - namely the Prince of Wales bridge there will be a different face that now pops up in my head. The Prince of Wales Bridge I've had a very stressful and busy week myself and I was in real need of some bird therapy today for a few hours to take my mind off things. A visit to Goldcliff Lagoons alway

Spotted Flycatcher

I spent the afternoon watching Spotted Flycatchers in my local wood. They appear to have fared well this year and just in one spot there was at least 5 or 6 of them vying for position on a number of sunny perches.

They are quite drab in colour but when you watch them they are really elegant birds. Amazingly fast and agile they shoot off from their perches and pluck an insect out of the sky and then often return to the same perch over and over again.

Spotted Flycatchers are migrants from Africa and they should be heading back to warmer weather in September.


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