A frustrating week of waiting

This week I've had a few chances to spend some time in the hide during the evenings and today during the afternoon to chill out.

Its been tough with few visits to the perch this week. There appears to be a male and female Kingfisher visiting the perch. I wonder if its on the edge of both their territories.

I have done some scouting and found more  perch locations and been watching them fish from a distance.

On arrival this afternoon the female was waiting for me. Wish I had arrived earlier. I had to lay down prone on the ground and wait for it to fly off.

Lots of birds on show throughout the week -Little Egrets,  Female Goosanders, Cormorants, Mute Swans, Canadian Geese, Buzzards and Common Sandpipers.

The overhead sky remains populated with Swallows and Martins. I guess there is plenty of insects around early in the autumn and they are stocking up on fuel before migrating next week. I continue to spot Dragonflies around the hide and lots of midges.


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