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The Celtic Rain Forest RSPB Gwenffrwd-Dinas

Common Redstart (Male) One of the most unique and incredible places to birdwatch in Wales has to be RSPB Gwenffrwd-Dinas (Dinas) The reserve is situated around a hill named "Dinas" in mid-wales a few miles outside the town of Llandovery. The hill ( I can't help but call it a mountain) which is 331 meters high has steep slopes that are covered in predominantly Atlantic Oak and Alder Trees and other areas covered in scrubland. I did some research about Atlantic Rainforests and according to the Woodland Trust , this type of habitat is found in places that have high rainfall but with low variation in temperature throughout the year. I have been visiting Dinas with my three amigo friends for the last couple of years and I must admit it is one of the only places that I have been to that has thousands of Oak trees densely packed around a mountain like this. When I walk into the woodland I imagine I am in something out of J R Tolkiens Lord of The Rings. It really is magical. Din

Early birder catches the first Kingfisher

I got up before dawn today and set up my hide just as the first rays of the rising sun shone through the gathering clouds. Rain was forecast and I was determined to get some time in the hide.

Mother nature was kind to me this morning blessing me with several visits from a juvenile Male Kingfisher who was hungry and caught several fish for his breakfast and another Male Kingfisher who was also feeding.

In between the Kings I noticed  an Otter floating by munching on something it had caught. I managed to get some record shots but nothing of any quality. I need a spare camera to have set up on the side for these unplanned for visitors.

Got some great photos today of the Kingfishers they seem to have returned with a vengeance.


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