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A new era dawns

A new era dawns. Today marked my first visit to Goldcliff Lagoons since the sad death of  Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday. She was a great and very respected monarch throughout the world.  Her passing marked the end of the modern Elizabethan era and the dawn of a new one. King Charles III has now ascended to the throne - "God save the King". The new era will be called the Carolean age under King Charles III. I thought his first speech was very touching and I believe he will be a great King like his mother. We also now have a new Prince of Wales with Prince William taking on his father's previous titles.  Every time I now take picture of the second Severn crossing - namely the Prince of Wales bridge there will be a different face that now pops up in my head. The Prince of Wales Bridge I've had a very stressful and busy week myself and I was in real need of some bird therapy today for a few hours to take my mind off things. A visit to Goldcliff Lagoons alway

Early birder catches the first Kingfisher

I got up before dawn today and set up my hide just as the first rays of the rising sun shone through the gathering clouds. Rain was forecast and I was determined to get some time in the hide.

Mother nature was kind to me this morning blessing me with several visits from a juvenile Male Kingfisher who was hungry and caught several fish for his breakfast and another Male Kingfisher who was also feeding.

In between the Kings I noticed  an Otter floating by munching on something it had caught. I managed to get some record shots but nothing of any quality. I need a spare camera to have set up on the side for these unplanned for visitors.

Got some great photos today of the Kingfishers they seem to have returned with a vengeance.


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