Oh Deer me - no Kingfishers this evening

This evening was a classic example of what Wildlife photography can be like. Its a test of patience and endurance at times. I did not have a single visit from the Kingfishers , only the odd passing call. My knees were aching from being immobile for hours.

However whilst quietly waiting I heard a splash and thought it was an otter . I looked through a side hole on my hide and was surprised to see a Deer crossing the river. I desperately tried to dismount my camera off the tripod to move it to the side but by that time, the Deer had crossed and walked up onto the bank. Its the best photo I could get.

I have no idea what type of Deer it is.

I finished the evening with a walk and found a small flock of Spotted Flycatchers that had been joined by a few Long Tailed Tits which were doing a really good job of imitating them catching flies from Willow perches.


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