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Skomer Part 1 - The first voyage

A Manx Shearwater I have recently returned from my annual pilgrimage to the island of Skomer, having enjoyed a fabulous three days of birding along the Pembrokeshire coastline with my "Three Amigo" friends Paul and Nicola. We had been planning for the trip for ages. Leading up to our trip the days, hours and seconds seemed to pass ever so slowly. It's then just typical once you end up going on your trip it seems to be over way too quickly - time certainly flies when you are enjoying yourself and in good company. This year we had  arranged three boat trips through Pembrokeshire Boat Trips Day 1 - Seabird Spectacular Day 2 - Skomer Day 3 - Grassholm I have decided to write three blog posts documenting the trip and this is the first one to kick things off. The First Voyage. The weather forecast was looking rather dodgy for the weekend with high winds and rain predicted. Thankfully the dreaded North winds were not expected so there was a very good chance that most of the boat

Hawdly any finches left but I did find a bit of gold and red.

Well I returned to the location where I found Hawfinches last week.
Despite the drizzly rain the Hawfinches remain on site. The birds are very difficult to get close to, frustratingly so at times. With the time I had to spare I tried to be patient and watched them from a distance.

After a while they flew into a nearby Alder tree and then descended into a big Yew Tree that has berries left on it. I was fortunate to capture the moment one Hawfinch bit a berry of a branch whilst in flight.

I then decided to see what else was on offer.

I could hear lots of Redwings even before I could see them. They were perched high up in the trees and then swooped down into the hedgerows that border the field. They appeared to be feeding on worms in the fields. Later I watched them feeding on Yew and Ivy berries.

Later whilst trying to take some close up pictures of the Redwings, I heard the call of a Goldcrest which was busy hunting away in a conifer tree.

I was able to get nice and close and managed to take some sharp close up pictures.

The colours of the feathers are amazing.


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