Thanks Godwit we saw a Rail and a Brambling

Today I must thank the Mother Nature God as a trip West along the M4 to the the National Wetland Centre of Wales (Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust Llanelli) resulted in three birding lifers for me.

Driving along the motorway early this morning with my friend Paul Joy was not the most encouraging start as the weather started turning nasty and wet. I was starting to think we should have gone east to Slimbridge.

As it turned out, the weather improved and blue sky's greeted us on our arrival at Llanelli.

What a great place the Wetland Centre proved to be. There are lots of birds to see and some good hides. The local birders at the centre were very helpful and offered some great local knowledge that helped us find the birds.

At the British Steel Hide we had a decent view of the estuary and saw a pair of Spoonbills. Debated the difference between GreenShanks , Common Redshanks and Spotted Redshanks. Watched Lapwings in the early sunshine and tried to capture pictures of Black Tailed Godwits flying between mud banks.

We got told by a couple of local birders that a Ring Necked Duck was present at the Peter Scott Hide. Well, I've never heard of one these so we made our way over to take a look.

When we arrived at the hide, after being shown where it was on the pond we got our first sight of a very rare Ring Necked Duck. It was a female and looks very similar to a Tufted Duck except the beak has a white ring - I could not really see the ring on the neck.

On walking back the to the main centre at new bird feeder location we waited patiently after a tip off from another local and a very shy bird made an appearance - a Water Rail - Lifer number 2!

A coffee and chips for lunch whilst watching the feeders at the restaurant resulted in Lifer number 3 - a Brambling.  Record photo only of that bird as it was through glass and facing into the sun.

The visit ended with another session in the British Steel Hide watching the waders. For me the Black Tailed Godwits stole the show when they erupted into the air I had the opportunity I was waiting for , to capture a big flock picture.

Great day out with good company and big thanks to the birder locals who were very friendly and shared their local knowledge to make the visit that much better.


Ring Necked Duck

Water Rail


Black Tailed Godwits


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