A book from a friend - Birds of Mallorca

I have had at last received my copy of Birds of Mallorca. It felt quite special as I was handed it personally by its author my friend Neville Davies and he had taken the time to put a personal message in it as well.

I must admit I have never been to Mallorca but after having read this wonderful book I really would like to visit this amazing island. The book is very comprehensive and it has obviously been a labor of love. Nevs's knowledge of the island's wildlife and natural hotspots is encyclopedic and I really don't know how anyone could consider a birding trip to Mallorca without it.

The book has detailed descriptions of where to find the birds and the best locations to almost guarantee you are going to get several "lifers".

It has some detailed maps of the reserves with the informative route and species guides.

When I first met Nev I thought of him as just a birder with a scope. After getting to know him he has an incredible depth of knowledge of all kinds of wildlife and not just restricted to birds. I would like to say my love of photography has rubbed off on him but on looking at his book he appears to be already an accomplished photographer before I met him. The book is illustrated with many excellent photographs. I particularly love the cover photograph of the Hoopoe. A species of bird I am yet to see. Perhaps one day Nev will show me around Mallorca and we can visit some of the places he has lavishly described in this great book.

I whole heartily recommend this book, anyone, considering a visit to Mallorca for birdwatching or just visiting the wonderful sights.

The author of Birds of Mallorca  Neville Davies at Goldcliff Lagoons.



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